Trying to find the right quotes

So one of the new things I want to start in 2018, is the use of some new notebooks.  I am completely obsessed with my Traveler's Notebook, which I use as a journal/soul dump.  I reinvented the way I was approaching that, but that will be the subject of another blog.  I recently ordered a Pocket/Field Notes size Travelers Notebook (an off brand, before I try out the vastly more expensive Traveler's Company TN.  You gotta see if a size will work for you before you commit anywaysss) I also grabbed a 3 pack of Moleskine pocket size notebooks. (which, I hear fit perfectly in a Field Notes size TN *squeeeeee*)  Now, I use my journal as kind of a catch all with feelings and musings and whatnot.  Even though I plan on indexing my journal, I still need a better way of keeping track of my feelings and WHEN I feel them.  (I am trying to be more of a whole person!! So I need to know when I feel things so I can better understand WHY I feel them, so I can therefore figure out how to stop negative trains of thought.  I hope it ends up being easier than it sounds >_<.) Soooooooooooo enter my idea of using 3 separate notebooks for stuff.  I will be using one for happy thoughts, one for sad/angry or just all-around negative thoughts, and one for my musings on life.  They will be named Hope, Feel and Muse, respectively.  I had a photo of the stamped names in my previous blog.  So I think this will be good for keeping track of what I feel, and it will probably be helpful to see how fast each notebook fills up!  

So, to actually mention what the title of this blog is (haha) I am thinking about adding a sticker quote to each book.  Kind of to just emphasize what I want from each book.  I haven't commit to anything yet (because I'm an insane person) and will probably not commit for a while.  I like to sit on things for a long time before I actually do them (although that probably isn't a good thing, so I should probably work on that too haha) I really do hope that in my next blog I will have them finished (not to mention hopefully the actual TN will have arrived by that time too)

But that is all for now.  Thanks so much for reading! Stay creative my lovelies! and always be inspired <3