New stamp set...(and various ramblings))

Hello!  I have decided to redo the way I document my artistic endeavors.  I kept making such a big deal out of everything (and I guess inadvertently made myself out to be more important that I actually am?  I mean, we've all been there right?) Let me tell you, I've got more than  couple blogs in my drafts section, because I never got around to completely 'perfecting' them.  And in the 'perfection' process, I feel that I lost a lot of who I am.  I mean, when we interact with people in real life, there's no delete or edit option for the things we say or how we present ourselves.  So I have decided to take a little more of an authentic approach to everything.  I need to take myself a little less seriously (which is something we can all stand to do) and just start having fun with my passions.  Well, blogging isn't a passion, but doing the things that I do, and sharing them with other people so they can then be inspired is something I'm passionate about.  So yeah.  I'm going to start doing that better.  And I didn't want to wait until the new year like everybody else.  I'm doing it like 5 days before the new year, so there *sticks out tongue* 

I just bought myself a gift today! (it sounds a little more important and a little less like I have no self-control that way) Okay, I've been wanting this alpha stamp set for a while, but decided that now is the time that I absolutely need it, or I might just die.  So I went out to Hobby Lobby and grabbed myself the Prima Press Alphabet Stamp Set and the holder (that is sold separately) I wanted them to name these new Moleskine pocket books I got (more on that later) and they are so perfect.  I was playing around with them today.  I am such a fan, and I have already packed them up into a little photo box (you can find them at Michaels) and stuffed them right into my planner/journal essentials bag. (I'll probably make a blog about that little ever-changing beauty)  I think the books are gonna come out great.  I'm gonna glue the papers onto the covers and made find some other embellishments to add.  I am so excited!

Well thank you for staying with me in this rambly blog.  I have a feeling this will be one pf the less scatterbrained blogs haha.  Well happy crafting loves!  Stay unique <3