The Happy Planner! <3


So I've officially found a new obsession planner! The Happy Planner is exactly how it sounds! It makes you happy just using it. I love how spacious it is. It is slightly larger than the Planner I was using (a Franklin Covey desk size Planner) but it's really not a problem. I normally use my planner as a planner/scrapbook/journal, so some extra space is certainly welcomed, and this book is exactly what I need. I tend to stick with binder planners as opposed to spiral bound planners, but this one is really neither. The papers are held in place by these little discs, so that means you can organize it as you please, just like a binder. The individual customization is an absolute must for me, so I got rid of my binder planner and took a chance on this beauty.

 I'm really into inspirational quotes and nice colorful things lately and this book covers all those bases. There are several different styles and colors to suit all tastes, but every one is full of inspirational quotes. It really keeps me motivated to keep using it.

Now onto another obsession necessary planner accessory. Don't even get me started on the stickers made for The Happy Planner. I am a certified sticker junkie so it was love at first sight from the gate, but these stickers really stand out as works of art in themselves. I bought two of the sticker books with 30 sheets that retail at $20 each. They are completely amazing and I can't wait to use all of them! The organization of these stickers can be tricky, but I made a book out of the sheets to make an awesome little sticker organizer. (I'll be posting a blog about the process so stay tuned for that!)

I have been using this planner for about a week, so my first setup is kind of a jumble with no real direction yet. I've got a bunch of ideas on how I can make this Planner a little more coherent, and will begin implementing them for next week. Check back soon for a few upcoming blogs I have for Planner hacks!