Jolly Rancher Vodka!


So, one of my favorite things lately has been VODKA INFUSIONS!!  The first one we tried was Skittles vodka.  The taste was awesome, let me tell you, but the work involved was just ridiculous.  I would  definitely try it again (because, lets face it, it tasted amazeballs) and will most likely blog about it after the fact (to give you guys some tips and tricks to make the process a little less intimidatingly tedious)  but if you're looking for something simple, skittles vodka is NOT IT. 


So now, since I've left myself this beautiful seguey, if you're looking for something simple, JOLLY RANCHER VODKA! Because let's face it, everybody is looking for something quick, simple, (relatively) cheap, impressive (so you look like a real G to your friends and family) and something to get you drunk! I'd say this covers pretty much all bases, and then some (it's soooo pretty to look at!)

So now that I've talked you all into it (except for grouchy, over there), let's get started! 


1. Vodka (duh!)

2. Jolly Ranchers (whatever flavors you fancy most.  I wanted a full color specrtum, so I went with all of them)


3. A container of some sort; one for each flavor (I went with small mason jars, because they're cute, smaall, relatively inexpensive, and because I had a whole set of them that I bought years ago because they were 'just so darn cute' and didn't have a use for up until now.  HOARDERS, ASSEMBLE!  I know they also sell really awesome 8oz flasks on, but maybe I'll try that next time around.

The first thing you need to do is seperate all the different flavors (segregation at it's finest) You can, however  mix flavors as you see fit; like, I imagine watermelon and apple together would be just dynamiite.  


Next, unwrap the sticky little devils, and toss em' into the jars. The amount you choose to use is up to you.  I went a little crazy, and decided to put 16 Jolly Ranchers in each 8oz mason jar.  Please learn from my mistakes, and DON'T DO THAT; that is, unless you are looking for a super syrupy add-in for mixed  drinks (which ended up being really very good after all, but don't think you can do shots with that amount of sugar, unless you plan on dying that night anyway.)  I made this again a little later and found that one jolly rancher per ounce gives it a very good flavor and just the right amount of color.  

Now, for the fun part (although any part of anything that involves liquor is fun, but I digress) once all the little Ranchers are in the jars, pour that vodka right over 'em! You'll see the vodka takes on a very faint color right from the gate. (oh, so pretty) The vodka will go to work almost immediately, dissolving those little candies like nobody's business.  I found that shaking them a bit from time to time did help the disolving process.  

The infusions should be ready to go in roughly 8 hours, (whether you shake them or not) so hold your horses already.  If you find you need to pass the time quicker, just do a couple (6) straight vodka shots, and you'll probably forget what you were waiting around for in the first place.  


Fast forward 8 hours (you've been beautifully patient) and TA DAAAA!  There you have it; super tasty, super alcoholic, pretty colored, homemade Jolly Ranchers Vodka, sure to impress & make all your friends jealous.  Go ahead and take a shot, or ten! Thank me for the instructions, just not the hangover!  Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more awesome tips and tricks to make life just a little bit cooler!

 -Britt ^_^.