Getting organized in 2015


So this past December, I decided my life needed an overhaul.  I have always been riddiculously unorganized.  Being a mom for over 5 years at this point, you would think I would've gotten my crap together sooner, but I digress.. 

Marcus was the catalyst I needed to realize I was always better than I gave myself credit for, therefore, I needed to act like it.  Seeing as how organization was never one of my strong suits, I decided to start there.  I decided I would start a daily planner.  That way, I can see everything I needed to get done, with no exuses or brain farts.  Another plus; there's space for every single day, and if I decided to flake, the empty space would be there, staring me in the face, accusingly. "Nothing like doubt and internal struggles to propell you forward into greatness" is what I always say (y'know, in this blog, for the first time)


Step 1 was buying a planner.  I decided to go with a Day Runner.  I loved this particular one because the pages were not dated.  Undated pages are especially useful if you don't plan on waiting until the new year to start one.  Plus it has just the right amount of feminine for me.  No mistaking this for a guys planner, but at the same time, fairly understated (which probably suits me more perfectly than I care to admit)

Step 2 was buying cute stuff for the planner.  There are so many different useful items to choose from.  I decided to buy little folders that stay inside the planner to help organize the mounds of stuff I would inevitably purchase.  Now if you're anything like me, stickers are pretty much priority #1.  I found SO MANY adorable and affordable stickers on  Depending on how obsessive you are, you might realize all of the stickers you bought won't actually fit in the planner at one time (a friend told me of her struggles with this, not me..) That just means a little prioritization is in order, and perhaps a rotation schedule.  Don't forget to make room for different colored pens, highlighters, post-it notes, post-it flags, washi tape, Mark-it dots, etc, all to help you organize your life.

Step 3, is actually starting! Now, it takes a LOT of motivation and sheer will-power to keep up with it, but believe me, you will be so surprised about the things you no longer let slip through the cracks, and not to mention how proud of yourself you will be for your little victories (holy cow, I actually worked out three times this week? Maybe next week I'll make it four)

The moral of the story: everyone can stand to be a little more organized.  Everyone can stand for a little introspection.  Everyone can stand to celebrate their miniscule victories on the road to great ones.  Nobody can go from zero to 100 automatically (except for maybe rich people in their foreign cars, but is that really the point? c'mon people)

Don't be afraid to put time into yourself, for yourself.  Future you, will be grateful.  Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more ^_^.