Hello everyone!


I suppose the way you traditionally begin a blog is by introducing yourself.
My name is Brittany.  I am 27 years old and have lived my entire life on Long Island.  I am an awkward, crafty nerd who has an unnatural passion for all things cake, candy and chocolate.  I really enjoy descriptive lists, so here's one filled with adjectives about me!

B - benevolent
R - reclusive
I - intelligent
T - transparent
T - tempestuous
A - absurd
N - nurturing
Y - youthful

I grew up in a very crafty household.  Growing up inside an artistic bubble means I've been wrist-deep in glue, tape, paint, glitter and various other art supplies since I could maintain basic motor function  (I would have said hot glue, but I've never been wrist deep in that; well, not on purpose anyway)  My mother was a big crocheter, so I grew up with a background in crochet.  I would attempt to make tiny little blankets for my dolls that always came out stiff as cardboard.  I tried using hooks fit for crocheting with tug-o-war ropes but I would just end up with very loose stitching that somehow still ended up with roughly the same comfort level as wrapping yourself with a brillo pad.  


Thoroughly frustrated and convinced that I would never "get it", I stepped away from crocheting altogether.  It was something about how I held the yarn, and the fact that I held the yarn with way too much tension, and it wasn't until MANY years later, that I found a type of crocheting that would suit me perfectly.  Fast forward again several years later, and you'll find yourself standing on the doorstep of The Artisan's Nook.  So, sit down, take a load off, stay a while.  Let's get to know each other a little better.

My family consists of myself, my husband Marcus, and my son Damian.  We are a small family, and are each equally ridiculous in our own right.  

I hope you come back to read more.  I have lots of crafting interests, and have plenty of tips and tricks to teach you guys.  I want nothing more than to inspire someone to their full potential.

..Sometimes all it takes is one big idea to help you realize who you were meant to be all your life.  Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more ^_^.