Sprite of the Week!!

As you may or may not know, I enjoy designing little 8-bit sprites.  I find they are absolutely perfect for so many different things.  First and foremost, Perler Beads!  They are the perfect medium for little 8-bit sprite designs.  I find numerous other uses for these sprites. For example, if you like crosstitch or plastic canvas, these little guys are perfect for either of those mediums.  

But now, to the point of this mini-blog!  I have decided to give away a sprite design every week! (until I don't feel like it anymore, ha!)  A new one will go up every Thursday!  The first one is available now, so go check it out! You know you wanna...

Make sure to check the 8-Britt page every week to see what new character design is up there.  Maybe it'll be YOUR favorite.  And please feel free to contact us if you would like to put in a request for a specific character you would like to see there next! 

This is just my little way of saying THANK YOU to everyone who takes the time to visit my site.  Thanks so much, everyone! 

-Britt ^_^.