Hamptons Comic Show

Me, super excited

Mikey, equally as excited!

Every show that you attend is different.  Leaving my second show, I felt on top of the world. I had a great time, and learned a lot. Now, this show was considerably smaller than LI Geek, and apparently was substantially smaller than it was last year, so we did not do well at all, in terms of business. But with all that aside, I still say that I feel on top of the world.  It is the times when you don't do very well, but still find yourself loving every minute, that solidifies your faith that this is what you are meant to be doing.  I feel happy being able to present my art to people.  Even if I don't make a sale, I enjoy the words of praise, reminding me that what I do truly is remarkable in its own way, and can be appreciated by a vastly different number of people.  

Now on the flip side of the coin, I truly enjoy being able to encourage people to do something for themselves.  I met a girl at this show, who thought what I did was great, and never thought she could do anything like it.  She had always wanted to try it, but never knew where to start.  I told her that it was a matter of practice, and that there were thousands upon thousands of youtube videos at her disposal that could teach her stitches and techniques.  I pointed her to the shooting star pattern I have up on my blog, which is the perfect project for beginners.  Integral stitches are used, but in a very simple way.  It is also a quick project, so there is the quick gratification (which, lets be honest, sometimes a crafter needs the instant gratification) that is just so important for a trepidatious beginner.  She walked away saying that I was very encouraging, and she might actually give it a try.  I told her to contact me if she ever needs help with anything, and it is my sincerest hope that she does give it a try one day.

Brea holding Cammy

Part of my hopes for The Artisan's Nook is for it to be a community.  A community of seasoned crafters, would-be crafters, and even just the casual admirer, giving advice and encouragement to one another.  Because sometimes all someone needs is a little help and an 'I know you can do this' from someone who's been there before.

Keyana holding Sailor Mars & Nicole holding Sailor Moon

There were some awesome cosplayers at the show, and I got a few of them to take pictures with my dolls! My little Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars and Cammy got some love from their live action counterparts.  So a huge thank you to Nicole as Sailor Moon, Keyana as Sailor Mars, and Brea as Cammy, for humoring me long enough for me to get my fangirl photos for the weekend.

So all in all, it was a really great day.  I got to spend time with my wonderful husband, my lovely friend Mikey (who was with us for our last show as well, and probably most shows we will do in the future)  met a few awesome people, and learned a lot in general.  Thank you to Patrick O'Connor, for letting us know about the show in the first place, and allowing us to be vendors.  Here's to hoping next year is even better!

See you at the next show!

-Britt ^_^.