Who doesn't love sushi?  These adorable little sushi want nothing more than to come home with you and accompany you on all your travels!  Now you can build your own perfect little sushi to exactly your liking! Choose your rice, your topping and your little sushi's expression.  Each of these are made to order and one-of-a-kind, just for you!

1) Rice: White, Brown or Burnt
2) Toppings: Salmon, Tuna, Egg or Octopus
3) Expressions: Happy, Sad, Angry or Meh
That means 48 different combinations! wow!

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Want your sushi to become part of a community?  We've got you covered with #tantl.  The Artisan's Nook invites you to name your sushi & post pictures of their travels to all social media platforms @theartisansnook with #tantl.  Meet new friends & tell your sushi's story with The Artisan's Nook Travel Log.  Join the fun & share your adventures today!

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